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Learning a language shouldn't be hard.

Do you find it overwhelming to have a real conversation in Spanish?

Despite countless of hours of study prior to Spanish VIP, many of our students found it difficult when it came time to speak with a native. After all, fluency comes from practice, and Duolingo just isn't enough.

If you have tried everything under the sun to memorize vocabulary, like queue cards, apps, and courses, only to freeze up when speaking in real life... you're not alone.

From working with hundreds of students, we've learned that it's important to leverage your unique strengths.

Everyone learns differently. That's why most traditional language apps and group courses don't work. Our teachers take the time to find out the most efficient way for you to learn. Then, we focus on putting you in real world situations, so you're ready when they actually happen.

No memorization, no silly tricks. You simply meet with our teachers, on your time, and get the chance to talk and learn from a native.

Our one-on-one, unlimited class plan allows you to learn at your own pace, and practice as much as you'd like. Over 90% of our students say they are comfortable conversationally after just 3 months.

We're excited to help you become fluent in Spanish, too.

- Alejandro Arraiz, Co-Founder

Get real-world practice.

Speaking Spanish can be nerve-wracking at first. Working with our teachers will give you the confidence you need to get comfortable with the language.

I took Spanish in high school, so when I decided to start learning Spanish for a trip to Mexico, I thought it wouldn't be too hard to hop on a couple apps, use Rosetta Stone, and get back up to speed. Arriving to Mexico was a rude awakening, when I literally couldn't even order food. I signed up for SpanishVip a few months ago, and have actually been able to socialize at local Latin bars. I'm probably at a B2 level now thanks to SpanishVip.

Steve G.

Learn at your own pace.

Regardless of how long it takes you to "get" it, our teachers will work with you to ensure you're comfortable before moving into new concepts. You won't be left behind like in group classes.

Study the concepts most important to you.

Why are you learning Spanish? Planning to travel, socialize, or do business in the language? Whatever your goals may be, we'll create a plan for you to get up to speed on the concepts that matter most to you, fast.

Take as many classes as you'd like.

As much as it would be great to have a shortcut, nothing replaces the value of actual practice. Unlimited one-on-one classes ensure you can get as much practice as you need.

Practice "real-world" Spanish.

Tired of Spanish lessons teaching you how to say "the cat drinks milk"? We understand that you're studying Spanish so you can have a real conversation. That's why our teachers focus on helping you learn the vocabulary you'll need in every day life.

“Can't say enough great things about Spanish VIP. What they mention about traditional methods not working is just so true. I invested a ton of hours into independent study but felt really awkward when trying to have an actual conversation, and since I wanted to learn enough to be able to apply for a bilingual job (I work for the gov), I needed to figure out a way to practice more. The main things to note are the availability and patience of the teachers. Having them available pretty much on standby, and willing to work with me at my speed, ensured I really got enough practice with each subject to feel comfortable before moving on. If you want to speak Spanish, you need many hours of one-on-one time speaking with people. Happy to say I improved greatly and moved into the bilingual position.”

Michael D.
Government Worker

“Last year I planned a trip to Mexico, and realized a few months before the actual date that I knew no Spanish. As I was traveling solo, I really wanted to be able to at least get around, and take care of every day life stuff. The only problem was my schedule... There was no way I could get the hours off to go to a course. Spanish VIP was great because if I had an extra hour in a day, I could just hop on pretty much instantly and have a class. This flexibility allowed me to drop the excuse of not having enough time. On our first call, my teacher interviewed me to find out what I needed to learn. They used this to create custom class plans and help me get basic conversational skills down, really fast. I even had some extra time and ended up learning enough to socialize while in Mexico. Extremely happy with the results from Spanish VIP.”

Amy H.


Find out more about the benefits of learning with Spanish VIP by watching our handy video, or continue reading the informational bullets below.


Classes happen online via video chat. So whether you're at home, or traveling, it's always easy to learn.


With over 50 full-time teachers, we cover classes from 8am to 6pm EST. Perfect for those with tricky schedules.


Try your first class free, then take advantage of our flexible and affordable pricing options. One-on-one lessons don't have to be expensive.


Take as many classes as you need to get to the level of Spanish you want. You have up to 10 hours a week of classes, which is an insane amount of practice.


Some students take longer to grasp certain topics. Regardless of your current level, our teachers will work as long as it takes until you "get" it.


Why are you learning? Tell your teacher your goals and they'll build a custom plan to get you up to speed on what matters.

Get ready for fluency.

Over 90% of our students are able to maintain moderate to advanced conversations after just 3 months. Some of our students even begin socializing after just one month. With unlimited one-on-one classes, nothing is holding you back from speaking Spanish like a native.

Unlimited lessons.

Just $99/month.

The easiest and most affordable way to become conversational in Spanish. Whether you want to...

  • Prepare for a trip to Spain or Latin America
  • Join conversations with your Spanish coworkers
  • Become bilingual to qualify for a promotion
  • Socialize with friends and go on dates without feeling embarrassed

... Spanish VIP is the fastest and easiest way to get comfortable speaking Spanish in the real world. Don't believe us? Try your first class, free.


“We love the access to top talent at extremely competitive rates. Our new employees have freed our team from administrative headaches and allowed us to focus on our core mission.”

Michael D.
Director at CanSpace

“In addition to significant time saved through outsourcing our data entry and digitization tasks, we were also able to save in the region of $100,000 on projected costs for the coming year.”

Joseph H.
Manager at Ontario Works

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Fluent or your money back.

Ensuring you actually learn how to speak Spanish is what's important to us. If you're not satisfied with your progress after your first month, just send us a message. We'll refund the cost of your program, no questions asked.

Alternatively, we'll provide you with a month of classes, on us. Why? We want to see our students succeed, and know you'll be happy with your results if you give yourself enough time to learn. Our motto is: you only fail if you give up.

That's our fluent or your money back guarantee.