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Every child deserves a quality education. Help them build a valuable life skill with 1:1 private tutoring.

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SpanishVIP for Kids

Join hundreds of parents like you using our award winning Spanish tutoring to give their children the keys to success. SpanishVIP gives you that, and more, with 1:1 online lessons specifically built for healthcare providers.


High-Impact Lessons for Kids


Incredible Teachers


Student Satisfaction


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Why Kids should learn Spanish.

Teaching kids an additional language starting at a young age presents them with a host of benefits that make them better at reasoning, multitasking, and grasping and reconciling conflicting ideas. It also makes them more desirable in the job market.

Why Kids learn better online.

Education no longer lives in a physical classroom. Our online classes ensure your child learns Spanish effectively with engaging classes, games, and activities. Lessons are always fresh and exciting.

Children mentally associate classrooms with boredom and annoying teachers. Kids using SpanishVIP experience greater joy and fulfillment.

Spanish Learning for Busy Healthcare Providers.

You don’t have time to waste. We’ll help you learn Spanish in the fastest time possible, so you can focus on what you do best: Serving your patients.

‍in 3 Months

3 reasons why SpanishVIP is perfect for your child.


Distance learning.

Every child should have access to effective educators. Our online classes ensure they never lose that privilege. Plus, our offices are based in Colombia, which allows us to offer a more cost-effective solution. Don't settle for a less than stellar teacher for your child due to geographic or financial constraints.


Personalized curriculum.

Public classrooms are crammed with students. Not getting enough individual attention is the single biggest reason why students are not successful. Our 1:1 program allows for teachers to really understand your child; so that they can build lessons and activities around their unique learning style, strengths, and interests.


Ongoing assessment.

We conduct regular assessments to provide you with updates on your child's improving comprehension in the language. Not only will your child have access to a world class teacher. They'll also be assigned a member of our Student Success team to help monitor and report back to you on progress and tweaks made to speed up the learning process.

spanishvip online spanish

"Since working with SpanishVIP, my daughter's overall communication skills have improved. Also, ever since she is exposed to more than one language she tends to adjust better to changes in her environment."

Lindsay, Mom of Katy who is a Student at SpanishVIP

Important Facts about SpanishVIP.

1. Our Teachers are specialized in early education and know that teaching kids require further attention and patience.

2. A one-size fits all approach is uninspired and ineffective. Our teachers specialize in moving at their pace and with their optimal learning style, so your child never feels lost or overwhelmed.

3. We offer monthly one on one assessments to show improvements in their comprehension.

4. Touch-in calls with a Student Concierge to ensure benchmarks are being met and the program is being dynamically updated to suit the needs of your child.

5. Our teachers are constantly using games and activities to keep the lessons fresh and exciting. Try it out!

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"I've been teaching Spanish for years and I love working with kids. When I had my first 9-year old student, there was nothing greater than opening a whole new world to him by teaching him another language. Working with kids is great because you can truly help them achieve their goals and introduce new cultural ideas, which is fun and exciting."
July, Teacher at SpanishVIP
This is how it works being a Student of SpanishVIP.

Initial assessment

Our individualized approach starts from the first lesson. Our teachers will assess your child to learn about their current level of comprehension and design their custom lesson plan.



Your kids teacher will test different learning strategies to find what is most engaging and impactful so that they can create the most effective classes possible for your child as an individual.



There is no one-size fits all in education. Our classes are custom built for a students’ unique needs and level of comprehension. It’s a truly bespoke solution to ensure their success.



We will conduct regular assessments to provide you with updates on their improving comprehension in the language so that you can track their progress!



We hire teachers and train for excellence. For kids and parents that are strapped for time, ensuring classes are effective is of the utmost importance.


Answers to All Your Questions

How long will their classes be?

We'll provide the best solution around their busy schedule. Classes between 30 minutes to 2 hours is perfect for making consistent progress without having to struggle to find free time. Since classes are online, your child can take their classes before school, after school, or during school hours if they are home-schooled!

What will my child learn?

We structure their curriculum around their current level of comprehension and goals in learning Spanish. When your child starts classes, a teacher will sit down with you to figure out why you want them to learn Spanish. We custom tailor a lesson plan to their unique needs, such as family life or career path.

They've never practiced Spanish, will this help?

Many of our students come to us with very little Spanish. This is perfectly fine. We have teachers and lessons built for every student, at every level. If your child is new to Spanish, we’ll start slow so that they get comfortable fast.

What material is provided?

Outside of the classes themselves, we provide standard and custom-made materials for each student (at no extra cost). This includes homework assignments such as fun activities, games, and book reports.

When can we take classes?

Our classes are available from 6AM-8PM CST, Monday through Saturday. You can schedule with your teachers for the month/week in advance, or even same-day. We can typically squeeze in same-day classes as well, perfect for those with tricky schedules.

Who will their dedicated teacher be?

When your child starts their classes, you'll be given the opportunity to have classes with as many different teachers as you want until you find the one you like best to be their dedicated teacher. Every teacher speaks English to a high standard, with deep experience and/or degree in childhood education.

Where are your teachers located?

Our business HQ is in Toronto, Canada. However, our teachers work from our offices in Latin America. We have offices here in order to provide jobs and lower costs to our students!

Where do classes take place?

All classes take place via online video chat like Skype or Zoom. You can choose, depending on your preference! Your teacher will also provide you with a copy of the lesson and worksheets to follow along and copy down the things you learn on each class.

What does the service cost?

We have plans ranging from $79-299 per month. For those looking for a more premium offering, we can custom build a plan around your needs to ensure your child has everything they need to be happy, productive, and successful in the language.

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. After every payment, you’ll receive a payment receipt and an invoice. Your money is safe.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

We'll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your SpanishVIP plan at any time. We don't lock you into any lengthy contract. Moreover, since you own all learning materials, your child can still use anything we’ve provided to continue learning.

What is the Money Back Guarantee?

Ensuring your child actually learns how to speak Spanish is what's important to us. If you're not satisfied with their progress in the language, just send us a message. We'll refund the cost of your program, no questions asked.*


Give your child the future they deserve.