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Learning Spanish doesn't have to be lonely or boring. Practice with peers in a group setting while enjoying activity and game filled lessons. It's university style education without the high price tag.

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Expert Teachers

SpanishVIP teachers are trained in the science of teaching Spanish and have worked thousands of hours helping Spanish learners globally.

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Accelerate your language learning with classes that are built for the real world, so you can start having actual conversations fast.

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Flexible and Convenient

Online classes allow you to learn whenever, and wherever. Find time to finally learn Spanish, even if you have a tight schedule.

Why Online Spanish Classes?

Distance learning is the way of the future. Physical academies are expensive and inconvenient, especially for those with families and careers. With online group classes, you can learn from home at a fraction of the cost.

What kinds of classes can you expect?

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Your goal is to get ready for conversations in the real world, right? We strongly believe that cookie cutter programs are a hindrance to language learning. Our conversational classes actually help you speak Spanish.

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Learn the basics or perfect your grammar for use in personal or professional settings. Our grammar-oriented lessons will build your vocabulary while helping you speak perfectly like a native.


Distance learning.

Our remote-first team in Latin America means you get access to a premium education at a fraction of what you'd pay for tutors or university programs in North America or Europe. We believe that quality classes should be accessible for all. Don't settle for a less than stellar teacher due to geographic, time or financial constraints.


Classes for every level.

With other programs, you're held captive to the content they provide you. With SpanishVIP, you get an on-demand solution and can pick the classes that are most relevant to your needs and interests. With addtional guidance from our Student Success team, you'll never be left feeling stuck or lost in your classes.


Inspiring and relevant.

Boring classes and seeing a lack of results are what we have found to be the biggest killers of motivation. Language learning isn't easy, it takes time and effort. Our classes are as fun and engaging as they can possibly be so you can ensure you never become bored or uninspired. We're here to help you finally achieve your goals.

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Try Private Classes Instead!

Led by our dedicated teachers, private classes give you the opportunity to have
a custom-built curriculum based around your needs and interests.
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