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Expert Teachers

SpanishVIP teachers are trained in the science of teaching Spanish and have worked thousands of hours helping Spanish learners globally.

Dedicated Attention

Accelerate your learning with one-on-one classes featuring a curriculum that’s custom built for your unique needs and interests

Flexible and Convenient

Online tutoring allows you to learn whenever, and wherever. Find time to continue learning, even if you have a tight schedule.

Why Private Spanish Tutoring?

Fast-track your language learning using online Spanish classes with a dedicated teacher. Get an effective curriculum that’s built around your specific goals and current level of comprehension.

What kinds of classes can you expect?


Want to get ready for conversations in the real world? Lessons on every-day topics can help build your vocabulary in essential areas and help you build more confidence speaking.


Learn the basics or perfect your grammar for use in personal or professional settings. Our grammar-oriented lessons will build you vocabulary while helping you speak perfectly like a native.


Distance Learning.

Every child should have access to effective education. Our online classes ensure they never lose that privilege. Plus, our offices are based in Colombia, which allows us to offer a more cost-effective solution. Don't settle for a less than stellar teacher for your child due to geographic or financial constraints.


Personalized curriculum.

Public classrooms are crammed with students. Not getting enough individual attention is the single biggest reason why students are not successful. Our 1:1 program allows for teachers to really understand your child; so that they can build lessions and activities around their unique learning style, strength, and interestes.


Ongoing assessment.

We conduct reqular assessments to provide you with updates on your child's improving comprehension in the language. Not only will your child have access to a world class teacher. They'll also be assigned a member of our Student Success team to help monitior and report back to you on progress and tweaks made to speed up the learning process.

Group classes are also available OR Try group classes instead

Led by our certified teachers, group classes give learners the opportunity to have real, interactive conversations in Spanish with their peers.