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Apps and courses help you get your feet wet, but there's no replacement for real conversations with native speakers. SpanishVIP gives you that, and more, with 1:1 online lessons specifically built for healthcare providers.


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Why Spanish is Important in Healthcare.

According to recent data, the majority of foreign patients in North America come from Latin countries. Speaking Spanish through our effective one-on-one online classes will make you a better healthcare provider.

Spanish Learning for
Busy Healthcare Providers.

You don’t have time to waste. We’ll help you learn Spanish in the fastest time possible, so you can focus on what you do best: Serving your patients.

Our 1:1 classes via video call are flexible, convenient, and effective so even those with tight schedules can find time to advance in the language.

Spanish Learning for Busy Healthcare Providers.

You don’t have time to waste. We’ll help you learn Spanish in the fastest time possible, so you can focus on what you do best: Serving your patients.

‍in 3 Months

3 reasons why choosing SpanishVIP will make your life easier.


Save time.

We offer the most efficient way to learn Spanish. You'll be working with a real partner that understands your unique goals and interests, so that you can invest your limited time effectively. General language programs can't give you an effective path to fluency like working with us can. We understand what healthcare providers need.


Be ready for anything.

Receive the knowledge required to handle any situation with Spanish patients. Not being able to connect with your patients leaves you feeling left out, or separated from them. We can help you get more connected so that your job can be as fulfilling and successful as possible.


Improve your business.

Improve business opportunities by expanding your client base or better serving existing Spanish speaking clientele. Improve yourself so that you can be the best healthcare provider you can be -- to make your clients happy and get respect from your peers

spanishvip online spanish

"Since working with SpanishVIP, my improved communication has helped me connect with and serve more Spanish patients. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in business for my cosmetic surgery center."

Student at SpanishVIP, Cosmetic Surgeon

Important data.

As of 2013, there were an estimated 54 million Latinos in the U.S., and at 17%, they represent the largest minority racial/ethnic group.

In the Americas, only Mexico has a larger Latino population. About 16 million people in the U.S. speak Spanish at home and have limited English proficiency (LEP) —speaking English less than “very well”— with about 9 million reporting that they speak English “not at all” or “not well."

Millions of patients struggle with language barriers in navigating health care systems and communicating with their doctors; their clinicians struggle too. Language barriers are associated with lower patient comprehension, satisfaction, and trust in physicians, and often, worse clinical outcomes.

For clinicians, language barriers can invoke dread, with visions of wasted time, frustrating communication, and increased difficulty in providing high-quality care. Finally, patient care suffers when language barriers impede easy and thorough communication.

"It was a critical and frustrating situation when my patient had a heart attack in Guatemala. Spanish language was one of the main problems to understand his pain. I still remember that horrible day but it helped me to overcome other future problems and to help me to understand that languages can’t be a barrier between life or death."
Kate, 29, Hospital Personnel
Why should you choose
SpanishVIP as your language learning partner?

Anytime &

Students have complete freedom over scheduling lessons from wherever they want (office, home, or on the go).



Our 1-on-1 lessons are completely customized, so that you can focus on learning what's important for your patients or practice.



Our amazing teachers have helped countless students become fluent in Spanish! We'll always work to ensure you're 100% happy.


Try Before
You Buy

We offer every student a 60-minute free trial lesson, no strings attached! This is extremely effective at generating sales.


World Class

We hire our teachers and train for excellence. Our students need better than average, and that's what we strive for.


Answers to All Your Questions

Which plan do you recommend?

The most popular plan is our Conversational plan. For many of our students, this is an effective way to begin learning Spanish without a big upfront investment. Once they see that our program works, many students move on to the Fluent plan to take them to the next level.

What will I learn?

We structure your curriculum around your current level of comprehension and goals in learning Spanish. When you start your classes, a teacher will sit down with you to figure out why you’re learning Spanish, and custom tailor a lesson plan to you. Every class will focus on materials that are important to you -- whether it’s for work, travel, or otherwise.

I’ve never practiced Spanish, will this help?

Many of our students come to us with very little Spanish. This is perfectly fine. We have teachers and lessons built for every student, at every level. If you’re new to Spanish, we’ll start slow so that you can get comfortable fast.

Why are classes more effective than using an app?

Apps and courses can definitely help you begin to understand some basic concepts and pronunciation. However, nothing can replace having real conversations with native speakers that understand your current level in the language and can mentor you one-on-one.

When can I take my classes?

Our classes are available from 8AM-6PM EST, Monday through Saturday. You can schedule with your teachers for the month/week in advance, or even same-day. We can typically squeeze in a class with as little as 1 hour notice, perfect for those with tricky schedules.

Who will my teacher be?

When you start your classes, you'll be given the opportunity to have classes with as many different teachers as you want until you find the one you like best. All of our teachers speak English to a high standard and have university degrees, so you are working with top-notch instructors.

Is this for adults, or kids?

We have content for all types of learners, big and small. Whether you're learning as an individual, or want to give your child a brighter future by learning a new language, you or your child will have all of the tools needed to become fluent in Spanish.

Where do classes take place?

All classes take place via online video chat like Skype or Zoom. Your teacher will also provide you with a copy of the lesson and worksheets to follow along and copy down the things you learn on each class.

Where are your teachers located?

Our business HQ is in Toronto, Canada. Our teachers work from our offices in Latin America. We have offices here in order to provide jobs and lower costs to our students!

How do I pay?

You can choose to pay via PayPal or credit card. After every payment, you’ll receive a payment receipt and an invoice. Your money is safe.

What happens if I want to cancel my plan?

We'll be sad to see you go, but you can cancel your SpanishVIP plan at any time. We don't lock you into any lengthy contract. Moreover, since you own all learning materials, you can still use anything we’ve provided you in case you want to learn it yourself.

What is the Money Back Guarantee?

Ensuring you actually learn how to speak Spanish is what's important to us. If you're not satisfied with your progress after your first month, just send us a message. We'll refund the cost of your program, no questions asked.


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